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Fanmix: Can't Make Me Love You

Can't Make Me Love You REDO

Been working on this one for a bit now and am quite happy with it. I hope you enjoy it. Once again it works for LBD and both Pride and Prejudices ('95 and '05)

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01. Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy Listen on YouTube
Lizzie after Darcy's botched confession to the incident with Lady Catherine.
Goodbye, my almost lover/Goodbye, my hopeless dream/I'm trying not to think about you/Can't you just let me be?/So long, my luckless romance/My back is turned on you/I should've known you'd bring me heartache/Almost lovers always do

02. Between the Lines by Sara Bareilles Listen on YouTube
From Pemberley to the Second Proposal
Leave unsaid unspoken/Eyes wide shut unopened/You and me/Always between the lines/Between the lines

03. Breaking Robot by Loreen Listen on YouTube
During the stay at Netherfield and the Dance
Take me away from here this madness is too much for me/Was I a certanty I told you to set me free/The more I try, the more I die/The more we lie, the more we cry

04. Everything Reminds Me Of You by Jewel Listen on YouTube
Lizzie after Darcy's letter
But if it makes it all right,/I'll spend the night with you dear/Only reappear/Cause everything reminds me of you/And that's just gonna take a little getting used to/That's just gonna take a little getting used to

05. Only Fooling Myself by Kate Voegele Listen on YouTube
Lizzie Once she realizes her feelings for Darcy.
One day I'll turn around/I'll see your hand reach out/I'm only fooling myself

06. Last One To Know by Joss Stone Listen on YouTube
Lizzie once again when she realizes her feelings for Darcy.
If you asked me this a year ago/To lay down by your side, I'd run a mile/Being close was impossible, had too much to lose/Just the thought of letting go, I'll never know/But you keep pushing on, pushing on /In love, I don't wanna be in love/Don't make me baby, don't make me/Don't make me be in love/I think that I've just found me the right one/I can't believe that I'm the last one to know

07.Coming Down by Dear Euphoria Listen on YouTube
Between Lady Catherine's visit and when Darcy proposes for a second time.
You said you think I might/Be alone/I think possibly someday/You will come around/If you can't catch/What's coming down/Our love's below/Our love's below

08. One More Day With You By VAST Listen on YouTube
Lizzie after Darcy gives her the letter. Also right aver she visits Pemberly and during the whole Lydia scandal
How are you? /Are you ever coming back?/I have changed/And I realized I was wrong /I was wrong/Now I'll never see your face...anymore/Oh my love, I'd give anything /For one more day with you

Listen on 8tracks or Download!

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