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Fanmix: More Than Just Science

More Than Just Sciense REDO
YaY! A Murdoch Mysteries Fanmix!

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01.Aftermath by Lifehouse Listen on YouTube
Murdoch and Julia in Season 6.
If we can make it through the storm/And become who we were before/Promise me we'll never look back/The worst is far behind us now/We'll make it out of here somehow/Meet me in the aftermath/Oh, meet me in the aftermath

02.Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis Listen on YouTube
William's general love for Julia
But I don't care what they say/I'm in love with you/They try to pull me away/But they don't know the truth/My heart's crippled by the vein/That I keep on closing/You cut me open and I

03.Hold My Heart by Sara Bareilles Listen on YouTube
Julia at the end of Season 3 as she is planning to leave for Buffalo.
I never meant to be the one to let you down/If anything, I thought I saw myself going first/I didn't know how to stick around/How to see anybody but me be getting hurt

04.Maybe by Ingrid Michaelson Listen on YouTube
Murdoch attempting to hold hope that Julia will come back from Buffalo.
I don't wanna be the first to let it go/But I know, I know, I know/If you have the last hands that I want to hold/Then I know I've got to let them go

05.I Feel You by 3 Doors Down Listen on YouTube
Murdoch at the beginning of Season 4 when Julia is gone.
And what do I get/to get me through these sleepless nights/And what do I have to hold /when no one’s there to hold me tight/And what do I see /the only thing that gets me through this/that's what I feel/and I feel you

06. One Day by Trading Yesterday Listen on YouTube
That scene at the end of Season 5 at the turn of the new Century.
If I could find the years that went away/Destroying all the cruelty of fate/I must believe that love could find a way/Tonight

07.Please Don't Go by Mike Posner Listen on YouTube
Murdoch when he bought that ring.
Baby, please don't go/If I wake up tomorrow will you still be here?/I don't know if you feel the way I do/If you leave I'm gon' find you/Baby please don't go, go, go, go/Baby please don't go, go, go, go/Baby please don't go, go, go, go/Baby please don't, baby please don't

08.Never Be The Same by Red Listen on YouTube
Murdoch from the end of Season 3 to the end of Season 5.
I'll never be the same/I'm caught inside the memories, the promises/are yesterdays and I belong to you./I just can't walk away/'cause after loving you/I can never be the same

09.Empty Space by Lifehouse Listen on YouTube
Murdoch at the end of Season 5
too late to hide/and too tired to care/take what you've left/and forget the rest/take what you see/of what's left of me/you know where I've been/and I don't want to go there again

10.It's The Only One You've Got by 3 Doors Down Listen on YouTube
A general overview of Murdoch throught the seasons.
You hide behind your walls/Of maybe nevers/Forgetting that there's something more/Than just knowing better/Your mistakes do not define you now/They tell you who you're not/You've got to live this life you're given/Like it's the only one you've got

11.What's Left Of Me by Nick Lachey Listen on YouTube
Murdoch in until he and Juila finall get together Mid-Season 2.
I've been dying inside,/Little by little,/No where to go,/But going out of my mind/In endless circles,/Running from my self until,/You gave me a reason for standing still

12.Bonus Track: Say My Name by Within Temptation Listen on YouTube
William and his sister Susanna.
Say my name/So I will know you're back/You're here again for a while/Oh, let us share/The memories that only we can share/Together
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