randomkiwibirds (randomkiwibirds) wrote,

Fanmix: A Heart Always Remembers

A long over due fanmix for my favorite Jane Austen Novel.

Download or Listen!

01. All This Time by OneRepublic Listen on YouTube
When Anne receives Wentworth's second proposal and goes and finds him.
All this time we were waiting for each other/All this time I was waiting for you/We got all these words, can't waste them on another/So I'm straight in a straight line running back to you

02. Dust to Dust by The Civil Wars Listen on YouTube
Anne & Fredrick after she accepts him the second time.
Oh, you're acting your thin disguise/All your perfectly delivered lines/They don't fool me/You've been lonely, too long

03. The Lonely by Christina Perry Listen on YouTube
Anne right after she backs out of her engagement the first time to Wentworth continuing though the next 7+ years of heartbreak until she and Wentworth finally get back together.
Dancing slowly in an empty room,/Can the lonely take the place of you?/I sing myself a quiet lullaby./Let you go and let the lonely in/To take my heart again.

04. Broken by Leona Lewis Listen on YouTube
How Anne was after breaking it with Wentworth the first time and the next 7 years.
I wanna run away from love, this time I have had enough./Everytime I feel your touch, I'm broken./Shattered all the pieces of parts./Never thought I'd fall so hard./I'm putting back together my heart, it's broken.

05. Wonder by Lauren Aquilina Listen on YouTube
When Anne and Wentworth meet again after the 7 years of estrangement, up to where they get engaged again for the second time.
You're aware of my existence,/but you don't I'm here/You're the center of attention/You control the atmosphere

06. The Way I Feel by Nemesea Listen on YouTube
Both Anne and Fredrick trying to move on after their break-up.
Now I know it is time to move on/And I know that I should forget you now/But I can't change, no/The way I feel about you

07. Why Should I Care by Sara Evans Listen on YouTube
Anne while she watches Fredrick court Louisa Musgrove.
So why should I care if/I ain't nothing in your eyes/What you felt for me is gone

08. In My Veins by Andrew Belle Listen on YouTube
Anne during the 7 years estrangement
Oh, you're in my veins/And I cannot get you out/Oh, you're all I taste/At night inside of my mouth/Oh, you run away/'Cause I am not what you found/Oh, you're in my veins/And I cannot get you out

Download or Listen!
Tags: !fanmix, persuasion
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