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Fanmix: Haunted

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01. Storm by Lifehouse Listen on YouTube
Anne during the 7 years estrangement.
If I could just see you/Everything would be all right/If I'd see you/This darkness would turn to light

02. Running Away by Hoobastank Listen on YouTube
Wentworth wondering why Anne changed her mind.
I don't want you to give it all up/And leave your own life collecting dust/And I don't want you to feel sorry for me/You never gave us a chance to be/And I don't need you to be by my side/To tell me that everything's alright/I just wanted you to tell me the truth

03. Everything Reminds Me of You by Jewel Listen on YouTube
Anne throughout the novel
I walk around the room/It's funny how these silly things remind me of you/And I have this hole in my chest/But I guess you know me good enough that you know the rest

04.Once by Rascal Flatts Listen on YouTube
When Anne is trying to get over Wentworth.
Should've been much further/Than this by now/Little bit more gone a little/Less twisted around

05. It's All For You by Leona Lewis Listen on YouTube
Anne regretting her decision of breaking up with Fredrick, and when they meet again after 7 years apart.
Even though you're love is gone, even though it's said and done/You're still the only one, it's all for you/Even though you didn't stay and I let you walk away/You're my one and only babe, it's all for you

06. Become by The Goo Goo Dolls Listen on YouTube
Wentworth realizing that he still loves Anne
You've been hiding in the shadows/Have you forgotten how we used to dream/Let me remind you/The light doesn't blind you at all/It just helps you see/Can you see

07. Standing in Front of You by Kelly Clarkson Listen on YouTube
Anne wishing that Wentworth would open his eyes and see that she is still there and still in love with him.
You say it's easier/Alone and undisturbed/You said yes and danced before/And got your feelings hurt

08. If You Could by Nemesea Listen on YouTube
Anne wishing that she hadn't ended things with Wentworth and during the 7 years separation.
If you could see me/If you could hold me/For one last time I'd be okay/But you just left me/You took your chance and slipped away

Download or Listen!
Tags: !fanmix, persuasion
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