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Fanmix: The Chase of a Lifetime

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01. We Go Tonight by Imagine Dragons Listen on YouTube
A general Sophie/Nate track
Right hand would tell us there's peace/With your left hand made war in the streets/You hang hope on the end of a gun/Bet you thought we would run/For sure, you thought we would run

02. Crash and Burn by Lifehouse Listen on YouTube
Nate at the end of Season 2 when he takes the fall for the team.
Silence just keeps screaming back at me/The ones I love are lost in memories/And I wish that I could take back what was done/You can only change the person you've become

03. Things To Say by SafteySuit Listen on YouTube
Nate when Sophie leaves to go and find herself.
And I would let you know /You cannot walk away/Cause there are things to say/And I know that you might/Not see this tonight/But there are things to say/We have life to make

04. Should Have Known Better by Hinder Listen on YouTube
Sophie & Nate suffering from "San Lorenzo Effect" in Season 4
So what can I say?/I made a mistake this time, you'll never change./You're nothin' but trouble and I should've known better

05. Just Like My Heart Falls by The Click Five Listen on YouTube
Another general Sophie/Nate track.
Fallin' from the sky/Just like my heart falls/Every time I think of you

06. I'm Coming After You by Owl City Listen on YouTube
Nate & Sophie's "Cat & Mouse" game that uccurs off screen before Season 1.
Oh no, here we go once again/We both know you'll never turn yourself in/So I'm driving 'till it's light out, searching for your hideout/(Driving 'till it's light out, searching for your hideout)/Pick up the pace as I chase you around/One of these days I'll end up tracking you down/But yeah, I've got the feeling I'll be letting you loose when I do

07. Bluff by Pilot Speed Listen on YouTube
Sophie when Nate loses control.
Someone made a sound it turned you right round /I wasn´t cold enough to care but brother I dared /See it tear you up and it calls your bluff /When the lie that keeps you warm is the truth you´re counting on

08. In My Veins by Andrew Belle Listen on YouTube
A general Nate/Sophie track.
Oh, you're in my veins/And I cannot get you out/Oh, you're all I taste/At night inside of my mouth/Oh, you run away/'Cause I am not what you found/Oh, you're in my veins/And I cannot get you out

09. Revolution of the Sun by Matthew Barber Listen on YouTube
Nate when Sophie is off finding herself.
Oh but nature's a motherless child/full of creatures both wicked and wild/So we're living illusions, thanksgiving one/a brother who knows what we've done/Another revolution of the sun

10. All Roads Lead Home by Golden State Listen on YouTube
Nate when he decides to propose to Sophie at the end of Season 5
Oh, I'm breaking through /These walls of steel /Pushing that wall/For something real /I'm falling far/And faster still

Download or Listen!
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