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Fanmix: Touching the Stars

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01. Shelter of Storms by Mary Chapin Carpender
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He could disappear in the blink of an eye. Disappear without a trace.
You always had the gift of speed;/You'd disappear without a trace./It all depended on the need,/And on the pain you could not face./So you would leave the home you'd found,/Pack it up without delay./Cut your losses, blow that town,/Tomorrow was another day.

02. Become by The Goo Goo Dolls Listen on YouTube
Walls and Secrets were what protected him and those he cared about.
You've been hiding in the shadows/Have you forgotten how we used to dream/Let me remind you/The light doesn't blind you at all/It just helps you see/Can you see

03. Echo by Jason Walker Listen on YouTube
All those bright and shining companions. All gone now.
I'm out on the edge and I'm screaming my name/Like a fool at the top of my lungs/Sometimes when I close my eyes I pretend I'm alright/But it's never enough

04. I Take My Chances Mary Chapin Carpender Listen on YouTube
If he never took chances he would never feel alive.
I took a walk in the rain one day on the wrong side of the tracks/I stood on the rails till I saw that train/Just to see how my heart would react/Now some people say that you shouldn't tempt fate/And for them I would not disagree/But I never learned nothing from playing it safe/ I say fate should not tempt me

05. These Days by 3 Doors Down Listen on YouTube
Sometimes you can't look back. Sometimes you are better off alone.
There's no good in lookin' back on yesterday/And wondering what could have happened then/You think you can give me what i want/You say, you say/I think i'm better off alone/These days, these days

06. Spaceship by Daughtry Listen on YouTube
All those lonely days and nights, when it seems that the universe has forgotten him.
If somebody's out there/Show me that you care/Give me a sign that comes outta nowhere/Like a shooting star/Or maybe life on Mars/Something inside tells me/we can't be too far 'cause/I can see/me on a spaceship leaving here only to find /that we're not the only ones

07. Astronaut by Simple Plan Listen on YouTube
All those lonely nights in the TARDIS, & watching other people have a nice time, but can't seem to break though and join them.
And tonight I'm feeling like an astronaut/Sending SOS from this tiny box/And I lost all signal when I lifted up/Now I'm stuck out here and the world forgot

08. Where are the Heroes by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Listen on YouTube
Whenever the Doctor risks his life for other people/planets/civilization etc.
Late it's too late to get it right/Whenever I try/Red lights pass/My life flashes before my eyes/Late it's too late to get it right/When all I find are villains and zeros/Where are the heroes

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