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31 May 2014 @ 11:35 am
Fanmix: Now I'll Become Unbreakable  

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01. I Walk Alone by Tarja Turunen Listen on YouYube
Elsa from "Let It Go" until her sister comes to her Ice Palace.
I walk alone/Every step I take, I walk alone/My Winter storm/Holding me awake it's never gone/When I walk alone

02. Life Left to Go by SafteySuit Listen on YouTube
Elsa' growing up in the Palace alone & in fear of her powers and all the way up until she runs away to the North Mountian,
Sometimes the edge serves as more than a friend than you thought it would be/And the pages you write in your journal each night are your only release/And the mask you put on it's like words in a song but there's more to be seen/And the failures you see don't seem failures to me here at all

03. Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling & Lzzy Hale Listen on YouTube
Elsa until she embraces her powers.
Somebody shine a light/I'm frozen by the fear in me/Somebody make me feel alive/And shatter me

04. Brave by Idinia Menzel Listen on YouTube
Elsa when she is heading to the North Mountian.
This is the moment I stand here all alone/With everything I have inside, everything I own/I might be afraid /But it's my turn to be brave

05. Glass House by RED Listen on YouTube
When Anna comes to Elsa's Ice Palace.
I, I'm running to escape the walls/That have trapped this heart in/The door is open, please come save me/I, I never want to hide behind/The disguise that I've become/That I've become

06. Burning Gold by Christina Perri Listen on YouTube
Elsa after her "Let It Go" empowerment.
I’m setting fire to the life that I know/Let's start a fire everywhere that we go/We starting fires, we starting fires/'Til our lives are burning gold/'Til our lives are burning gold

07. Invincible by Hedley Listen on YouTube
Elsa from "Let It Go" until Anna comes.
But I found the strength inside to see,/Found the better part of me,/And I'll never let it go.

08. It's Time by Imagine Dragons Listen on YouTube
Elsa on the way to the North Mountian & again at the end when she discovers how to control her power.
It's time to begin, isn't it?/I get a little bit bigger but then I'll admit/I'm just the same as I was/Now don't you understand/That I'm never changing who I am

Download or Listen!