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Fanmix: The Way These Stars Have Fallen

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01. Autumn Leaves by Daniel Kajmakaski Listen on YouTube
Frankie and Ed as they have slowly drifted apart
Every moment will hurt, from the last to the first/I’m trying to find a way to breathe/Close the book and the chapter forever and after/I’m falling like the autumn leaves

02. Falling by Davina Leone Not Avalible on YouTube
A General Frankie Track
'Cuz every little thing that I knew is falling/it's falling through the cracks of us and loving/every little thing that I ever saw was crashing/oh darling we had it coming from the start

03. Little White Lies by Florrie Listen on YouTube
Another General Frankie Track
Little white lies/We keep to ourselves/We'll never tell/Ain't hurting nobody/Little white lies/Nobody else needs to get hurt/Oh 'cause they'll never know

04. Between the Lines by Sara Bareilles Listen on YouTube
Frankie & Ed just before he asks Mary out.
My memory is cruel/I'm queen of attention to details/Defending intentions if he fails/Until now, he told me her name/It sounded familiar in a way/I could have sworn I'd heard him say it ten thousand times,/If only I had been listening

05. Holding Onto Good by Delta Rae Listen on YouTube
General Frankie track
Baby, I’m not waiting/I’m just holding on to good/It’s still early, it’s still more than I should/I’m off to Carolina
I’m gonna wear my mama’s boots/We may be parted, but that don’t cut us at the roots

06. By Now by Marianas Trench Listen on YouTube
Ed & Mary's Break-Up
And I thought you'd feel the same as me/It's time that I come clean, but/But for now can we just both pretend to sleep/Sometimes the one you want is not the one you need/What goes around don't come around/You should know me by now

07. This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) by Ellie Goulding Listen on YouTube
Henry & Frankie
Who are we to be emotional?/Who are we to play with hearts and throw away it all?/Oh, who are we to turn each other's heads?/Who are we to find ourselves in other people's beds?.

08. Shadowfeet by Brooke Fraser Listen on YouTube
Frankie & Ed
Walking, stumbling on these shadowfeet/towards home, a land that i've never seen/I am changing; less and less asleep/made of different stuff than when i began/And I've sensed it all along/fast approaching is the day

09. Forever by The Birthday Massacre Listen on YouTube
Frankie & Ed
And you see right through me/This shouldn't last forever/We're so close/But now it's time to say goodbye

10. Still Here by Digital Daggers Listen on YouTube
Frankie and Ed
Musing through memories,/Losing my grip in the grey./Numbing the senses,/I feel you slipping away.
Fighting to hold on,/Clinging to just one more day/Love turns to ashes,/With all that I wish I could say.

11. Don't Forget Me by Way Out West Listen on YouTube
Frankie as everyone leaves Mansfield
There's just one thing that I need to hear/Before I walk away for the last time/There's just one thing that I need to see/Before I take this chance and set us free

12. Irrelevant by Lauren Aquilina Listen on YouTube
Ed when he and Mary break-up.
'Cause you've been burning bridges while/I've been building homes/And I'm only your everything/When you feel alone/'Cause I'm irrelevant/You'll be fine without me/And it's evident, it shows/And in your excellence/I forgot I used to have my own/You won't even notice that I'm gone

Download or Listen!
Tags: !fanmix, from mansfield with love
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