randomkiwibirds (randomkiwibirds) wrote,

Fanmix: Lost Between the Raindrops

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01. Not the One by Hannah & Maggie Not avalible on YouTube
Anne meeting Fredrick again after the seven years estrangement.
And I am not the one you loved/We got lost out there/In the summer air /And salvation's never come/I am not the one you loved/'Cause the girl you knew/Never made it through/Back where she was from

02. I Don't Wanna See You with Her by Maria Mena Listen On YouTube
Anne watching Wentworth showing affections toward Louisa.
Cause I don't wanna see you with her/I don't wanna see her face/Resting in your embrace/Her feet standing in my place/I don't wanna see you moved on/I don't think I'm that strong

03. White Flag by Dido Listen on YouTube
Anne when she and Frederick become reacquainted after the seven years.
I will go down with this ship/And I won't put my hands up and surrender/There will be no white flag above my door/I'm in love and always will be

04. Lovers or Liars by Lauren Aquilina Listen on YouTube
Both Anne and Frederick thoughout the novel
My memory is cruel/I'm queen of attention to details/Defending intentions if he fails/Until now, he told me her name/It sounded familiar in a way/I could have sworn I'd heard him say it ten thousand times,/If only I had been listening

05. Private Little Hurt by Davina Leone Not Avalible on YouTube
Both Anne and Wentworth atfer that initial seporation seven years prior
It's that private little hurt we dont show/ It's inside all of us we can't let it go/When we're broken into pieces/'cause love dragged us though the dirt /Everybody has that private little hurt

06. Forget You Now by Sleeperstar Listen on YouTube
Both Frederick and Anne from the intial break-up to their reconciliation.
I can't  forget you now/ Turn around and look me in the eyes/I will not give up on you if you give us one more try?

07. You've Got it Made by We Are in The Crowd Listen on YouTube
Anne being forced to watch Wentworth show affections toward Louisa
I reach out to you for help./I see myself in envy or do I admire how happy you are?/Either way I'd walk in your shoes./But, she fits them better/She fits them better than...

08. Only Fooling Myself by Kate Vogele Listen on YouTube
Anne at that first dinner she is forced to face in Fredericks company
One day I'll turn around, I'll see your hand reach out/I'm only fooling myself, oh/But maybe when you smile/It means you'd stay awhile/Just maybe you'd save me now

Tags: !fanmix, persuasion
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