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Fanmix: In the Wake of Stardust

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01. High Above the Ground by Daughtry Listen on YouTube
A General Jack & Phryne Track
You and I both, we come from different worlds/I'm a small town kid and you're an uptown girl/We've both been hurt, we got a few scars/But it don't matter now, we're staring at the stars

02. Afterglow by Vertical Horizon Listen On YouTube
From when Jack first meets Phryne 'till the end of Season 3
Now everything I've ever known /just fades into the Afterglow /this light surrounds you/and your light pulls me through
and even though the past is gone/I've got you here I'm holding on/lookout from below/and stay with me here in the Afterglow

03. Find You by Zedd, Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant Listen on YouTube
A General Jack and Phryne track
I'll run away with your foot steps/I'll build a city that dreams for two/And if you lose yourself/I will find yo

04. Muscle Memory by LIGHTS Listen on YouTube
Jack and Phryne after they seporate in the season 3 finale
When I am alone, I see you in the dark/I talk into the empty like you were with me/Started on a cold night, felt you in the low light/Noticing a reflex taking over me/I see you when I reach/Muscle memory

05. Life in Color by OneRepublic Listen on YouTube
After Jack and Phryne meet for the first time
I do my best/To find some kind of glow/I'm giving it some heart and soul, now/From the darkest grays/The sun bursts, clouds break/Yeah, we see that fire/From the streets of Babylon/To the road that we've been on now/The kaleidoscope claims another

06. Perfect Picture by Bea Miller Listen on YouTube
Another General Phryne and Jack Track
Tonight, you made my perfect picture look like black and white/I know I've never seen my colors so alive/With you around, I know that we're gonna be fine/Tonight, you made my perfect picture come to life

07. Lovers on the Sun by Guetta ft. Sam Martin Listen on YouTube
General Jack and Phryne track
Let's light it up let's light it up/Until our hearts catch fire/Then show the world a burning light/That never shined so bright/We'll find way

08. See You Again by Carrie Underwood Listen on YouTube
Both Jack and Phryne after the season 3 finale
I will see you again, whoa/This is not where it ends/I will carry you with me, oh/Til I see you again

09. From Where You Are by Lifehouse Listen on YouTube
After the Season 3 finale
So far away from where you are /I'm standing underneath the stars /And I wish you were here

10. Conversations with Stars by Brightwood Listen on YouTube
Another track after the season 3 finale
My love, I'll wait for you/Will you wait for me?/Mmm-mmm-mmm

Download or Listen!
Tags: !fanmix, miss fisher's murder mysteries
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