randomkiwibirds (randomkiwibirds) wrote,

Fanmix: Eyes Wide Open

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01. The Runners by The Naked and Famous
I am still clinging to / These signs that I hope to find / A heart no home can hold / The hole we left behind

02. Worth the Fight by Broods
So fill me up and let me try / To show you beauty from inside / I pray I will, I pray I might / Still be somebody worth the fight

03. Locked by Welshly Arms
Intoxicate me, exhilarate me / Can't help myself but I don't need saving / Now there's no end, the circle that we're in / Around and round we go

04. Dark Star by Jaymes Young
If I told you where I've been / Would you still call me baby? / And if I told you everything / Would you call me crazy?

05. Please Take Me by Beth Crowley
We know all of each other's moves / In this twisted dance we do / But we stubbornly refuse / To admit what this might be / 'Cause I've been down this road before / Don't trust my instincts anymore / And it's easier to ignore / The fact that you unravel me

06. Behind Your Eyes by Shayne Leighton
Suddenly you pierce right through me / Got to me even though I couldn't see / Something that you want inside of me / Pushes you away but you want to stay

07. Everything Is Color by Through Juniper Vale
All this time I've been okay staying safe here on this solid ground, / but the concrete has cracked and crumbled to dust. (To dust.) / What if I jump of the edge and I give in to the great unknown?

08. Skin by Sixx:A.M.
Let them find the real you / Buried deep within / Let them know with all you've got / That you are not your skin / Oh oh, oh oh
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Tags: !fanmix, lucifer
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