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Fanmix: Carry Me Close

8tracks / Spotify

01. Crossfire by Brandon Flowers
And we're caught up in the crossfire/A heaven and hell/And were searching for shelter/Lay your body down

02. The Water Beneath You by The Naked and Famous
The water beneath you/The waves to catch your fall/The love that you needed/It was never here at all

03. Chemical Love by Eli Lieb
It's hotter than hell but I feel so alive/At the end of the world I'll be right by your side/You're my best mistake that I ever made/Feeling your smoke bleeding into my eyes/Addicted to you till the moment I die/Take you in my lungs you're my perfect drug

04. Dance Around It by Parachute
Oh, so we just dance around it/Too scared to do it/Don't want to lose it/So we just dance around it/Dance around it/Last song is playing/Don't want to face it/So we just dance around it

05. Nothing Really Matters by Gabrielle Alpin
I didn't mean it when I said that it was too much/Got myself into a mess like a head rush/I should’ve known, I nearly let go/And you caught me by surprise, ooh

06. We Go Tonight (Say It Again) by Sleeperstar
Right hand would tell us there's peace/With your left hand made war in the streets/You hang hope on the end of a gun/Bet you thought we would run/For sure, you thought we would run

07. Find You by Zedd ft. Miriam Bryant
I'll run away with your foot steps/I'll build a city that dreams for two/And if you lose yourself/I will find you

08. Dragonflies by Svrcina
I'm chasing patterns in the sky/Feels like I'm running after dragonflies/Lookin' for colors in the black and white/I'll never get you but I won't stop trying/Won't stop trying

09. Aftermath by Lifehouse
If we can make it through the storm/Become who we were before/Promise me, we will never look back/The worst is far behind us now/We make it out of here somehow/Meet me in the aftermath
/Oh, meet me in the aftermath

10. Distance by Christina Perri
And I will make sure to keep my distance/Say "I love you" when you're not listening/And how long can we keep this up, up, up?

11. I Need a Friend Tonight by Witterquick
Dark, what are you waiting for?/You've started freezing my heart/Let's run from the violence/What are you waiting for?/You've started fires in my lungs/I guess love hits the whole system

12. City Lights by Blanche
All alone in the danger zone/Are you ready to take my hand?/All alone in the flame of doubt/Are we going to lose it all?

13. Here With Me by Susie Su ft. Robot Koch
Calling your name in the midnight hour/Reaching for you from the endless dream/So many miles between us now/But you are always here with me

14. You and I by PVRIS
But for now we stay so far/'Til our lonely limbs collide/I can't keep you in these arms/So I keep you in my mind

15. Paradise (What About Us?) by Within Temptation ft. Tarja
What about us/Isn't it enough/No we're not in paradise/This is who we are/This is what we've got/No it's not our paradise/But it's all we want/And it's all that we're fighting for/Thought it's not paradise

8tracks / Spotify
Tags: !fanmix, good omens
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