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Fanmix: Just Give Me A Chance

Just Give Me A Chance REDO

So I have been having extreme Pride and Prejudice feels lately. I BLAME THE LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES! But anyway, here is a Fanmix I put together. Songs will work with both the '05 and '95 Pride and Prejudices and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

01. Had Enough by Lifehouse Listen on YouTube
Right after Darcy's disasterous declaration of love.
Every time I reach for you/There's no one there to hold on to/Nothing left for me to miss/I'm letting go, letting go of this/Lost my mind thinking it through/The light inside has left me too/Now I know what empty is/I've had enough, had enough of this

02. Rainy Zurich by The Fray Listen on YouTube
Darcy when he is at Rosings or Collins and Collins and he is in the company of Lizzie.
She’s in a town that holds a lonely road,/And the night is falling,/There’s a road that follows to a home,/And the sky is heavy,/In the home she’s in a lonely room,/With music playing,/Can she hear my heart coming through,/On the door between

03. All This Time by Quietdrive Listen on YouTube
Darcy during his disasterous declaration of love.
Say what you thinking/I’m only dreaming/But the words that you’re speaking/Only break my heart/All this time/I’ve waited for nothing (I’ve waited for nothing)/When I could spend all this time/Looking for something like our love (Looking for something like our love)

04.Pins and Needles by Lifehouse Listen on YouTube
Darcy once again after his disasterous declaration of love.
And I've always should've seen it coming/How could I been so blind/I'm sitting here on pins and needles/Waiting for you to change your mind

05.The Reason by Hoobastank Listen on YouTube
Between the handing of the letter and Lizzie's appearance at Pemberley.
I'm sorry that I hurt you/It's something I must live with everyday/And all the pain I put you through/I wish that I could take it all away/And be the one who catches all your tears/Thats why I need you to hear

06.Ready When You Are by Trapt Listen on YouTube
When Darcy hears of Lizzie and Catherine DeBurgh's conversation
Are you having trouble keeping up Seeing this thing through/I want to know who you're running from Me or you/You're too confused to open up Feel the way I do/I want to know who you're thinking of cause I really have no clue

07.Best I Can by Art of Dying Listen on YouTube
Darcy as he writes his letter.
I am doing the best I can with everything I am/Don't you know nobody's perfect/Do you understand how hard I'm trying to do the best I can/The best I can

08. I Won't Let Go by Rascal Flatts Listen on YouTube
Darcy during the hunt for Wickham
I will stand by you/I will help you through/When you've done all you can do/If you can't cope/I will dry your eyes/I will fight your fight/I will hold you tight/And I won't let go
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